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We have been overwhelmed by the response to ACTLab TV! A lot of exciting things are happening here, and our momentum is steadily building. We hope yours is as well.

Check back on this page to see the latest releases, press coverage, guides, and any other updates we have for you. And of course, our 24-hour high-quality audio and video streams will be up very soon!


11/11/05 - ACTLab TV releases a content directory and resource directory.

10/11/05 - ACTLab TV is hosting a launch party for its 24/7 open content station Nov. 2nd at club Barcelona from 9pm-2am. ACTLab TV's Rob Fancher has put together a great set of DJ's to come perform. For more information please contact Rob.

09/22/05 - Here is a direct link to the Alluvium source code for those who have been having a hard time find it: Click Here to see the source and Click Here to mess with the source.

09/22/05 - ACTLab TV releases their Playlist Creation Guide check it!

09/12/05 - ACTLab TV comes up with a low cost server solution check it!

08/19/05 - ACTLab TV releases their latest beta with RSS support!

08/03/05 - ACTLab TV releases their Radio Guide!

08/02/05 - ACTLab TV gets another article on Tom's Hardware Guide!

07/18/05 - ACTLab TV releases FDR's Alluvium OSX Beta - check it out!

07/15/05 - ACTLab TV releases FDR's Alluvium first public Beta - check it out!

07/08/05 - ACTLab TV is interviewed by Tom's Hardware Guide!

07/08/05 - ACTLab TV releases a Technology Guide and DMCA Guide!

07/07/05 - ACTLab TV is interviewed by KXAN!

06/29/05 - ACTLab TV is interviewed by Happy News.com!

06/24/05 - ACTLab TV releases Trailer Demo. Check it out!

06/24/05 - ACTLab TV is interviewed by the Chronicle for Higher Education!

06/20/05 - Now you can join an ACTLab TV mailing list and keep up to date on all our goings-on! There are currently three up and running: Announcements, Starting your own ACTLab TV station, and Producing content for ACTLab TV!

06/15/05 - ACTLab TV gets interviewed for The Daily Texan and Tom's Hardware!

06/14/05 - ACTLab TV is on Slashdot!!

06/13/05 - The ACTLab TV website goes public!

06/09/05 - ACTLab TV is currently in a closed beta period. Check back again as we will release the Alluvium player and demo streams soon!


ACTLab TV is made possible through the ACTLab Program at the University of Texas at Austin. The ACTLab is constantly looking for talented and motivated individuals. Check out their program and their current research!!!


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