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Alluvium Beta

Below is a link to the current beta of the Alluvium Media Player, developed by the Foundation for Decentralization Research.

Alluvium Media Player Instructions

Please Note: This is a Beta version of the Alluvium Media Player,
Alluvium Media Player Beta

Instructions: Click on the link below to download the Alluvium Media Player Beta. Once you have installed the software you can then click on a stream below to test the Beta. Please note: Quicktime 7 is required for playback of Quicktime streams. The AVI version is based on the x264 codec which requires ffdshow in order to view, you can download it here.

Windows Alluvium Beta 3 version 8 Click Here
OSX Tiger Alluvium Beta 3 version 8 Click Here
Trailer Streams
AVI Video trailer- This trailer is transcoded using an x264 codec through mencoder. Check it out!
Quicktime Video trailer- This trailer is transcoded using an h.264 codec through Quicktime 7 Pro, offering easy cross platform playback.
Radio trailer Download
Quicktime Cable Modem/DSL Video trailer - This file is provided over a swarm of Cable Modem/DSL servers. Check it out and see how it fairs.

Please note: if you have a previous version of Alluvium loaded, please uninstall it before upgrading.

Go to your control panel and uninstall Alluvium.




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