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ACTLab TV Trailer

Below are links to the ACTLab TV Trailer. The trailer was created in order to give you a preview of the programming and technology we will be using when we launch ACTLab Television.

Content- The content provided in the Trailer is all copyleft, the music was provided by Magnatune and the video by numerous ACTLab projects and by Dano Johnson.

Technology- The technology used to present this trailer is called Swarmcast, by Onion Networks. This is a key feature that ACTLab TV will use when launched. Swarmcast provides the peer to peer system that in the future will give ACTLab TV scalability that other streaming services lack.

ACTLab TV Trailer Instructions

Please Note: The ACTLab TV Trailer is a demonstration of some of the technologies that will be used by ACTLab TV, the actual Alluvium player will be released at a later date by the Foundation for Decentralization Research.
What you need to view the Trailer

Java 1.5, Swarmcast, Quicktime


Step 1: Make sure you have Java 1.5 installed.

Step 2: Install Swarmcast. The link will take you to a website that will ask you to click on a button labeled "download now". This will initiate the installation. Once you have Swarmcast installed, you may proceed to step 3. Please note: If you are using Mozilla, make sure you follow Swarmcast's instructions on how to set your proxy.

Step 3: Once you are sure you have both Java and Swarmcast installed you can then click on the link below to view the trailers.

Trailer Streams
Video trailer Stream Click Here
Audio trailer Download Click Here
How this is different from traditional streams

The streams provided here are using Swarmcast technology in order to provide a more efficient use of bandwidth. This is implemented by modifying your URL to include swarmcast. You can also add multiple links in one URL. By doing this your file will be mirrored and thus provide the end user with a single click, while offering the content provider scalability of multiple servers.

For example, when running tests with just two servers, swarmcast downloaded 10X faster than with a traditional single server download. This number will change with the load presented to the server. However, as you add more mirrors, Swarmcast keeps working to provide high bandwidth streams.

In the future, we will also be implementing Swarmcast's peer to peer features. Please stay tuned...!


ACTLab TV is made possible through the ACTLab Program at the University of Texas at Austin. The ACTLab is constantly looking for talented and motivated individuals. Check out their program and their current research!!!


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