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Resource Directory V1.0

Below is a resource directory aimed at helping beginners and advanced users alike find opensource software solutions.


Resource Directory


The Resource Directory is a page created point you towards opensource software we have found useful, as well as website tutorials.


Open Source Programs  
Apache Apache is a web server that works cross platform, it is great for setting up your own website, please note that most webhosting comes with apache and other webservices included.
Audacity Protools like audio editing program
Blender 3D modeling and animation program
Cinelerra video editing program, that in theory rivals professional solutions.
Fugu great OSX SSH file transfer program
Gallery PHP Gallery
Gimp Photoshop like program
mplayer mplayer is an advanced program, but once understood, it is very good for when you want to do batch conversions of videos
NVU NVU is an awsome opensource HTML editor for creating websites, check it out! It is based of mozilla composer, however add features such as layers and website managment.
phpbb phpbb is an opensource forum software. This is great for creating a place for your community to chat online.
VLC Videolan is an media player that plays literally every format.
Wings 3D modeling
winscp  great SSH GUI to use for SSH




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