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ACTLab Radio

ACTLab Radio uses the Foundations for Decentralization, Alluvium software, a revolutionary peer-to-peer technology that will bring you the Internet's first lossless audio stream. If you haven't downloaded Alluvium yet, do it now [[COMING SOON!]], and then sit back and enjoy.

You can also contribrute to the ACTLab Radio community via the Submissions page.

Thanks for listening!

ACTLab Radio

The programming schedule on ACTLab Radio will provide a diverse selection of high quality audio programs that are without genre or FCC requirements. Our music is free of RIAA infestation and our interviews offer a collection of interesting viewpoints that may not ever broadcast elsewhere.

Chillmaster Rob will be available for live mix-session broadcasts, as well as general programming of the entire station.

Here is a playlist of the current demo!

1. Join the paradise – monoide – Magnatunes
2. Interstate (Bjorn Fogelberg) -Magnatunes
3. Monoide – First Love-Magnatunes
4. Mr Epic – Ruff and Tumble-Magnatunes
5. Beatundercontrol – Saturn Blues-Magnatunes
6. Frey – Secret Kowledge –ep 04 – the fall of skinny sam
7. Maskatron (Music for Coderes)- hacker monologue
8. Ordio – 3in1 (archive)
9. Cargo Cult – Wed (Magnatunes)
10. Mr. Epic – Sift (Magnatunes)
11. Lights set north – everybody
12. Etherine – Gleam (randy’s remix)
13. 4 Thieves – The Beginning
14. Charles Vestal – Joe
15. Charles Vestal - Poison


ACTLab TV is made possible through the ACTLab Program at the University of Texas at Austin. The ACTLab is constantly looking for talented and motivated individuals. Check out their program and their current research!!!


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