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Your ACTLab TV

Your ACTLab TV is the place to get started on creating your own ACTLab TV station.

We will be releasing tutorials for all aspects of running your own audio and video broadcasts, including capturing, transcoding, and setting up a server. All with low-cost and/or open source software.

Watch this space to keep up to date on information about running your own station.

ACTLab TV Guides

Technology Guide

click here

Community Guide coming soon!
Radio Guide click here
DMCA Guide click here
Low Cost Server Guide click here
Playlist Creation Guide click here

ACTLab TV Directory

Open Content Directory
coming very soon!
Resource Directory
coming very soon!

Alluvium Source

Check out the Alluvium Source Code
Mess with the Alluvium Source Code



ACTLab TV is made possible through the ACTLab Program at the University of Texas at Austin. The ACTLab is constantly looking for talented and motivated individuals. Check out their program and their current research!!!


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