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Open Content Directory V1.0

Below is an open content directory aimed at helping beginners/ station managers find programing for thier stations.


Open Content Directory

The purpose of the Open Content Directory is to create a resource for people who are looking for copyleft content for their station.

Below is a list of websites we currently know to be good sources for finding a broad range of material.

www.google.com – this is a great way to start looking for copyleft video, though becareful because many times people will post seemily copyleft material with copyrighted music or images.

www.archive.org – this website hosts 1000’s of great videos from all over the place, make sure you check this site out when looking for content.

www.creativecommons.org– this website has all types of information on where and who is hosting copyleft media, make sure you read this website as well! (also note that there are multiple creative commons sites for different countries and such so do a google to find more)
Basically between archive and creative commons you should be able to find what you are looking for, as we researched, many of the websites I found were mentioned from on these sites.

Please Note: If there is a demand for a website specific content directory we will create one, please send us an email to request such a resource and if you have any recommendations for sites to list please include them. Thank you.



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