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Alluvium Playlist Guide V1.0

Below is the Alluvium Playlist Guide V1.0, check it out! We have documented the guidelines for creating your Alluvium playlist.


Playlist Creation Guide V1.0

Alluvium uses a standard RSS file format. The requirements are pretty straight forward, here is an example of the file format:

<?xml version="1.0"?>


<channel rdf:about="http://tristero.sf.net/alluvium/">
<title>BlackBox TV Station</title>
Blackbox TV Station, 2005

<image rdf:resource="http://tristero.sf.net/alluvium/headphones.jpg"/>

< link>http://www.blackbox.jtlopez.com/blackbox_TV/video/Trailer_DV_DSL.mov</link>
< mm:duration>188600</mm:duration>
< /item>

< link>http://www.blackbox.jtlopez.com/blackbox_TV/video/DayNTime_Short.mov</link>
< mm:duration>183400</mm:duration>
< /item>

< link>http://www.blackbox.jtlopez.com/blackbox_TV/video/crazy_moments.mov</link>
< mm:duration>202600</mm:duration>
< /item>

< link>http://www.blackbox.jtlopez.com/blackbox_TV/video/Video_Mix_Final_Output_2_5_2005_with_bars.mov</link>
< mm:duration>95966</mm:duration>
< /item>

< /rdf:RDF>

As you can see from the code, each file is an “item”, where the “link” refers to the file location and “duration” refers to the length of the audio/video file in milliseconds.

There are many ways to automate the rss file creation, it really depends on how you will be storing your media. If you already have a database for your videos, you can implement a script that can dynamically create playlists. You can also just store your files in a folder that a script dynamically scans and builds a RSS playlist.

As you can see from the example, the RSS format does accept URL’s as sources, giving you a flexibility when deciding where to store your video files.

Your last option, which is not recommend, but is possible, is to create your playlist manually, by adding an “item” one by one.


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